These are very good, trustworthy inquiries about viewing God, but they occur from the confusion of the moi head. These are views concerning the physique they are concerns of the physique currently being requested by the body.

Or “did Moses see God” in fact, or issues like “is Jesus God?” And then, probably, “If He produced me in His picture, why does not he merely show up before me, in which I can see Him, so we can have a experience-to-experience dialogue? He is able of anything.”

We’ve all at some position raised the question about observing God. You will have the similar or identical ego concerns that have risen in all of us at one time or another if you have not currently. “Why does God deliver out symptoms or indicators to us when He could simply talk to us plainly in our own given language?”

A variety of Daze of Sort

Our desire state in this instantaneous, the nanosecond of the dream of existence where projected bodily photographs make the world we see, is of our own impression-creating– not God’s.

Consider to start knowing that God does not prolong Himself as a projected graphic, so observing God does not arrive about. We have created our own impression of God. While a course in miracles are needed as the essence of any dream, He is not dreaming.

The fantasy of a body as who you are does not have with it a brain. Minds do not have true physical functions, these kinds of as a mouth or vocal cords to communicate by way of. We are the extension of God’s Brain, not of a body.

It is all a desire, and that is why we usually are not actually viewing God.

Bear in mind, when humanity as a whole slipped into a desire of form of currently being different from Oneness, it was a separation of mind and not of body, but this sort of as a fast day, so to communicate. Viewing God and existence in this world this way prospects to much more equilibrium and our complete prospective

Certain, God did generate us in His Likeness of Brain, but the physique is our personal self-made fantasy fashioned to conceal our guilt from separating.


Miracles request, “Could it be some goals are kept, and other people woke up from? A System in Miracles then solutions, “The choice is not between which goals to hold, but only if you want to reside in dreams or to awaken from them.”

This solutions items like did Moses see God, or is Jesus God? Seeing God was Jesus getting into the desire with messages to aid us awaken.

Believe of when you are in a daze or daydream of kind, or had a horrifying believed, only for an quick, and a person carefully nudges you to awaken.

Extension of Head

If so, you are now enduring the Oneness of Head in the True Entire world, or real truth. The moi is fast to interrupt. If you might be not with me below, even briefly, that’s okay, because if you have a willingness, within time It will come to you as a divine revelation.

This extension of God does not have any involvement with time, because time is a portion of the aspiration. When we do awaken wholly and are observing God, time will have intended practically nothing.

Since all minds are a single, or altars if you will, within the A single-Minded realm, then our electricity to lengthen (converse) inside this Oneness is seen as miracles in the desire. Are you with me listed here in which seeing God is concerned?

If you might be getting problems with this, your willingness is verified, but your eyesight is blocked by the fact of your hard work. Throw out the work by viewing your willingness as God’s extension.